Peer Review 2 + Comment


Overall, I enjoyed reading your free draft! I think you have a good grasp for what you are trying to argue and your claims are strong! I really like the imagery you portrayed in the beginning. It was very nostalgic and a great way to transition towards your argument. Your conclusion, although a little short, was very effective in summarizing your points! Your use of modes in your essay was also very effective! I don’t know if I would add more or not but I think that is up to you! In addition to this, the quotes that you chose for your essay were well-chosen, especially for your points.

I think you can add more examples in the section where you say that narratives have impacted you. By doing that, it strengthens your argument on the effectiveness of narratives and storytelling in general. There is some rewording that could be done, but I think that you knew that already and will go back to it later.

Great Job!

Jeremy Vuong

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  1. Your peer review is amazingly comprehensive, thoughtful, and specific. You do an excellent job encouraging and critiquing your partner. Well done!

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