Blog 5

Prioritizing global edits over local edits was pretty difficult for me. When it comes to writing, I am a little OCD when it comes to commas and grammar. When I peer reviewed before, I usually did local edits first and then went through it again for the global edits. For me at least, I felt like I would have a better sense of what I am reading if the grammar was correct, but that might just be me. What I did this time was mainly aim for global edits and if I saw any punctuation or grammar that was an easy fix, for example, it could have just been a typo, I would fix it real quick without really disrupting the flow of my reading. I do like this method better than the method I have used in the past. The global edits were hard to come by at first because even though I’m a nice guy (I think), I tend to focus solely on criticism because I just want to cut to the chase. I think criticism just comes naturally. It may also be because that is how I was taught to peer review. This time, I did try my hardest to add some positive feedback on what I thought was really good. As I continue to peer review, I believe the positive feedback will also come naturally.

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