Learning Outcome 1

Looking back towards the beginning of the semester, the differences between my first and final drafts then, to my drafts now are astounding. In the beginning, my free draft and my final draft would nearly be identical in terms of content. The only revisions that were made were the ones recommended by my peer editors and local revisions such as punctuation. My free drafts now tend to be of the same quality as my free drafts before. However, the revisions I make now are no longer limited to just the surface, but they explore the depths of my essay. The current revisions that are done tend to focus on making it flow better, be more insightful, and overall, remove all of the wordiness so my argument is clear and not overshadowed by anything else.

To achieve this, I reread the essay aloud a few times to see if I could catch any wordy sentences that really stuck out. Then, I would check the comments left by my peer editors to see which sections in my paper were confusing and needed to become more clear. After I fix all my paragraphs, I would see if they needed to be rearranged in order for the essay to flow nicely from one claim to the next.

This change in my revision style shows that I can not only fix my grammar where it is necessary, but I can also make insightful changes that will support my argument and make it stronger.

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