My Recursive Writing Process

At the beginning of this course, I thought that there were only a few different methods for each step in the writing process. I did not realize the number of different brainstorming strategies there were. I usually just make a web of ideas and connect them with each other. “Following the Thread” is a very effective way, in my opinion, to make an outline and to also find out which quotes you will be using in the different sources.

My favorite active reading strategy would have to be read through the text the first time with a “believer” mindset. This would make me read it exactly how the writer intended for me to read it. After that, I would read it through a second time being very critical of the text in order to determine the most effective side to argue when writing my paper.

While I don’t really have a favorite revision strategy besides peer editing, my favorite drafting strategy would be starting with my introduction paragraph. I like to write my intros with a hook and something fun that would engage the reader right away. I love doing this because by thinking of ways to engage my reader, I am not only engaged in the writing itself, but I am also enjoying the writing process. If I am not enjoying my work, the quality of the final product won’t be as good as if I enjoyed what I wrote. 

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