Multimodal Statement Outline

Linguistic- I intend on incorporating lyrics of the song “Happier” by Ed Sheeran. Sheeran’s lyrics for this song just resonate so well with me because for as long as I can remember, my parents have taught me to be altruistic. The lyrics for sacrificing your happiness for the sake of somebody else’s has always been true to me. I will probably take a segment of one of the verses or the chorus and just integrate it into my essay.

Visual- I would like to incorporate a picture representing balance because a resolution for this year and a general life goal. Because I tend to put others needs before mine, I generally wasn’t the happiest. Not that being unselfish is a bad thing, but there has to be a balance that I have to achieve in order for me to be stress-free and happy. I would try to incorporate this by probably using this after the paragraph where I talk about the linguistic mode.

Aural- I am either incorporating the instrumentals from “Happier” or use Alexis’s interview in my essay. With the song, the instrumentals really move and shake your emotions when you can really feel how Sheeran really feels about this exchange of emotions. With Alexis’s, my identity was already pre-shaped when my parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam. Because of that, I didn’t get the typical upbringing a typical American child would get. This would probably be a separate paragraph about my upbringing, but I think it would transition to my paragraph about Sheeran’s lyrics to segue my upbringing.

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