Learning Outcome 5 & 6

In my Showcase Writing Project, I believe that it demonstrates the epitome of my ability to cite sources using MLA guidelines. In this particular paper, not only did I have to integrate different articles as evidence into my paper, I had to use different types of media that are part of the five modes of communication in order to strengthen my argument. Because of this, I had to cite sources that I have never cited before while still following MLA format.

What I did was look at the Owl Purdue website and also the Little Seagull book to see what the correct formatting is for the various sources. After spending time to do that, the rest of the citations were simple to do.

For local errors, I have been very proficient at recognizing and correcting them for most of my life. In my writing project, the number of local errors in my paper was pretty minimal because I usually read through the paper once through in order to do global edits. When reading through, I correct any sentence mistakes that really stuck out when I was reading it aloud. After I believe that my paper is final, I read the whole paper one last time so I can find any final spelling or punctuation errors.

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