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What surprised me about Anne Lamott’s essay was that I completely related to it. I did not realize that most of the procrastination techniques that I personally use is common with writers such as her. I have been in similar circumstances when it comes to the personal death threats as well. Even though I knew that writers didn’t create masterpieces on a first draft, but I didn’t think they struggled as hard as I would on a paper. I guess when your reputation is on the line, the stakes are just a tiny bit different. I wasn’t really offended by anything she said. The references to God flew over my head because I just didn’t understand the context.

Personally, peer-review is my favorite part of the writing process. Something about having my peers criticizing and helping me improve my paper makes me feel giddy. I love getting people’s opinion on any work I produce. Overall, my peers helped me a lot in revising and shaping my essay.

I intend on working on the endings to all my body paragraphs because I was told that I ended a lot of my paragraphs with a topic that had nothing to do with the claim. My initial goal was to try to connect the new idea with the previous one in order to transition to the new idea. It might not have worked if it made my peers confused. I also need to work on my conclusion as there was none, but I will definitely try to have other peers look at the conclusion to make sure it works. I can also try to incorporate how metaphors have affected me in order to strengthen my paper. This last one is definitely the least of my concerns for my paper. My conclusion will definitely be my most difficult challenge. I am not the best at conclusions because I usually devote a whole day to writing it because I personally don’t know when to end it. My too much gene just promotes me to keep writing. If it gets to be too difficult, I might look into the “Little Seagull” book or “They Say I Say” to see if they have a section about conclusions that would be able to help me. If not, the internet should have a good article to help me with it.


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