Peer Review + Comment


I really liked reading your paper because you have a different viewpoint on this topic than most. It is really nice to read a fresh and different paper. You made some great points in your essay and you also chose excellent quotes to support them. I would just elaborate on the explanation of the quote because you definitely need to explain why this quote was important to your claim. I would also be careful on repeating some of your points as some of it did seem similar to each other. Maybe broaden your focus of pharmacy and focus on maybe the medical and healthcare field in general. One of your reasoning for a quote in a paragraph is so good that I think that you should write it as a claim! You’ll know which one because we talked about it but it was a really good point and I definitely think you should expand on it.

Besides that, it’s a great start! 

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  1. You offer specific and meaningful comments and suggestions. Well done! Make sure that you eliminate your peers’ names when you upload your choice peer review to your ePortfolio.

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