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My usual go-to method of brainstorming involves making a list of my favorite quotes from each of the author, and then try to connect a few of the quotes to either get my overarching argument, or my claims. Because of my annotations, I can identify these quotes really easily, so it is a pretty effective way for me. 

Thesis: Science should learn and be able to conspire with the arts in order to understand aspects of the world that seem out of reach, and especially for healthcare professionals, so they are encouraged to tap into the empathetic way of thinking.


Having the arts being incorporated into STEM is a great way to encourage different approaches for convoluted problems at an early enough stage, to where it would be much more effective for the future.

Art could provide empathy to a field that needed something in order to further advance their knowledge of the world.

For healthcare, it is essential to be able to possess both critical and empathetic thinking when dealing with patients, and allowing the arts to work in tandem with science will allow for this ability to come effortlessly.

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  1. Your brainstorming process sounds fantastic. Your thesis is on the right track. I like the logic in your first claim. Great job! I would consider switching the order of your second and third claims, because your second claim looks forward into the future (discovery), while your third claim looks at the “now.” It makes sense that you would shift your attention forward AFTER exploring immediate benefits. Does that make sense?

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