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The main argument was that “art will make science better”. Jonah Lehrer says that art is capable of doing things that science alone, cannot. Science is limited to logic, data, and absolute truths when art can explore different ideas and perspectives of the same concept. Language is a method of trying to bridge the gap between difficult concepts using art. Metaphors and comparisons were used all the time by great scientists in order to comprehend complex theories such as String Theory and Theory of Relativity. Because of science’s limitations, the arts can nullify them by taking on the concept in a different matter. Art can also represent science in a physical form such as a painting or a sculpture. This could possibly help with the comprehension of difficult subject matter such as electrons. Bohr was said to draw inspiration for electrons by looking at cubism artwork by Picasso. If art can work in collaboration with science, new ideas and theories can spark, and by doing so, the unanswered can finally become answered.

Reductionism-taking a complex concept such as a theory, and reducing it to simpler terms, making it broader. This in turn could spark new ideas.

Epiphenomenon-a secondary effect or byproduct that arises from but does not causally influence a process.

The Bridging Principle-the neural event that would explain how the activity of our brain cells creates the subjective experience of consciousness


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  1. Once again, your annotations hit the ball out of the park. Well done! You seem to have picked up on many of Lehrer’s main points. Nice job.

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