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While reading Erard’s text about metaphors, there were a few things that he said that were memorable to me.

The first moment that really stuck out to me was when he said that it was easier to design metaphors by having a metaphor for metaphor. At this moment was when my mind was basically fried. I had to reread the passage over and over again and it took me about ten minutes to really decipher his words. When I realized that the view outside was the “new view” for the person I had quite a big epiphany moment. Erard describing a metaphor by using a room and furniture is brilliant. Erard describing the diction by referencing windows is amazing because it’s true! By choosing the words you use to help one understand something better and easier is important. You choose how the person will end up viewing and perceiving the concept with your choice of words, just like how you can move the windows to determine what a person cans see outside.

Although this next quote didn’t stick out to me, I found it really interesting and it made me change my view on arguments. Describing arguments as a war seems a little exaggerated, but the more I thought about it, he was right. Only one winner prevails at the end of an argument just like any war, and you can choose which side to take as well. The sentence that struck me was that “evidence was a weapon”. I found that fascinating because just like in a war, strong evidence can easily determine which side is stronger just like how weak evidence is nothing but a setback for the opposing side. Even though the text was long and stale at times, I found many passages to be appealing to me.

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  1. I have to agree with vdubois. Your site looks pretty amazing. I’m so glad that the furniture/room metaphor clicked! I could see how this particular metaphor could have used more furniture to help folks look out the right windows. 🙂

    Your annotations look fantastic, and you did a wonderful job uploading the images. Keep up the wonderful work!

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