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I have a few goals that I need to achieve in order for me to have a paper that I am happy about it. I want to find better quotes to integrate into my paragraphs because I feel like although they are decent, the quotes could be better. I also need to reword many sections of my essay because it was either repetitive, unclear, or wordy. My organization of my paragraphs could also be improved, although it is not the worst thing I have ever seen. 

I am going to revisit the texts one more time and see if I can pull out better quotes that will be able to improve my essay. For the rewording of my paragraphs, I am going to read my essay a couple of times out loud in order to hear and listen for odd wording choices. I will be more specific in my sentences also by stating the subject/topic of the sentence. For the organization, I will mess around with the order of my paragraphs to see if there is a combination of paragraphs that work better than others. 

My biggest challenge will probably be using all the “good” ideas that I have for my paper and make them cohesive to one another because right now, I feel like my argument isn’t tight enough because the ideas aren’t too connected to each other just yet. 

I will use my peer review partners for advice and also my friends for more eyes on my paper.

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  1. I commend you for not accepting quotes that are “good enough.” I look forward to reading your paper!

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